Kerawang #23

This border can be use to put the word or picture inside it. Try it out =)

Kerawang #22

Salam and hello everyone ('_').. Today i would like to share a border for certificate..look simple but nice..

another one i give in brown color..just give a little bit of variety.If you want to change the color, just follow my tutorial that i had post before. Its very simple even your kid can do that..hehe(mean so easy!don't worry to try)

Below is the example of certificate that i made using the certificate border above..don't miss to copy it=)

Happy Teacher's Day..

 I want to wish all the teacher in Malaysia & the world!

Happy Teacher's Day!

Without U who we are right now!

Terima Kasih Cikgu!
Thank You Teacher

really missed the time I was in the primary school=)

Everything I feel is fun and nothing to worry..hehehe..

Hope can back at that time!!

Kerawang #21

Hi are you today?hope always in happy condition=)..So today i would to share with you a border design. The design look quit tick and i think it suitable to use as the border for the picture. you just have to combine a few of it to make a wonderful frame!good luck...Orait, don't forget to visit my blog again to get more attractive design and I have a SURPRISE for you guys!

To know what?keep visit my blog!=)

To all my follower, thanks for your support...(Kena bagi hadiah nie..hehehe)